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Stevens Curry is a software developer, systems analyst, and hardware technician and consultant. He is also the owner of a popular blog site. The blog is regarded by thousands of tech enthusiasts living in the United Kingdom who are interested in keeping up with the latest tech news and happenings among the various tech giants and multinationals.

He was also the facilitator of a popular tech forum before he engaged in the development of his own blog. The blog enjoys especial traffic and usage by tech enthusiasts with a focus on software upgrades and development.

Stevens has been recognized by various media outlets for the exceptional trends he has set among the internet population. This has resulted in various awards by many reputable media establishments. He is an ardent fan of comic books. He has several limited edition issues of the early Batman comic strips.

He also keeps up with the lesser known and contemporary crowds. However, he believes the DC universe still has a lot of catching up to do if they want to scale the heights of Marvel Studios.
Stevens lives in the United Kingdom with his family.

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