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Walmart is one of the largest companies and is a World known for its quality services and highly organised delivery system of goods. Working in this organisation requires more than just intellect and monotonous working style, the company requires its employees to be passionate, hard working as well as smart working and good adaptability in the working environment.

Essential traits required to be a part of Walmart

As an employee, the company requires its employees to have the following traits and working etiquette.

  • Listen to the walmartone App customer, anticipate with him and serve the customer according to his requirements and ways. It is a must for customer support.
  • Support and corporate with fellow associates to help serve customers better every day. Cooperation is the key to a company’s success and that’s what is required for working in Walmart.
  • Be creative, agile, take petty risks, and speedy nature of work.
  • Be visible, be available and dedication to the work should be the first priority.
  • Collaborate with fellows and customers and welcome all types of feedback.
  • Be humble, modest, teach, learn and trust fellow colleagues to work in a healthy and educative environment.
  • Help to Strive for better you and for Excellence in work. The better an employee works for a company, the more are the chances of his personal growth and career growth.
  • Set your goal, work hard and smart to achieve goals, rake more risks and always consider people's
  • Take ownership, be initiate maker, celebrate success and take responsibility for failures gracefully.
  • Make clear and transparent choices, be precise yet informative, strategies and anticipate changing environment.
  • Plan things, work life, career, working strategies and work in the direction of success. A career-orientation is very important to stabilise in a big organisation with a good
  • Always act with modesty, Integrity and trustworthiness.
  • Be honest, be bold and speak only truth, keep promises and be reliable.  Tell the truth, keep your promises and be trustworthy
  • Do right to others by being fair, impartial, open and straight

Exclusive benefits of being a part of the organisation

Walmartone has a reputation for providing best and most health care benefits to its employees, and associates.

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Use An iPhone In a Call Centre? You Have To Know These Phone Lookup Apps


iPhones are really in the mainstream now. It is a fact that Apple started the trend of smartphones. What is more impressive is that no other smartphones have managed to influence the market in the way iPhones do.   Iphones have a large percentage of users, more than any other smartphone. This could be some of the reasons: It has some unique apps i.e there are some apps you would find on an iPhone but not on any other smartphone. It runs a different operating system (IOS) from other smartphones.

It has some of the best apps you would ever want to have on smartphones.

The iphone experience is so great that you would not want to go back to using any other smartphone.

Okay. There’s that about the thrill of using an iPhone.

iPhone lookup apps are useful if you work at a call centre. Typically, in a call centre, you are likely to receive lots of calls, some of which you don’t know the caller. Now, if you use an iPhone, this wouldn't be much problem. There compatible apps on iPhones that allow you to check who was calling and their location. These apps can be easily downloaded from the app store. Five of them are discussed in this article.

True Caller

True caller allows you to recognise your caller. There are more than 100 million numbers on the True caller database so it searches for the number on the database and reveals the name of your caller. This occurs if you don’t have the number in your phone book. If you work in a call centre, it would take a second to identify your caller.

Pricing Table

Phone Lookup

This app is effective in searching for someone details- name, phone number or address. It does not matter if they use a mobile or landline.
In addition, for a small fee, you can look for certain numbers.

Who Called Me

Like the aforementioned apps, Who Called me enables you to look for your caller's information; their names, addresses and phone numbers.
This app gives you more features; it uses different sources to search. This makes it distinctive from the other apps.

Mr. Number

There is not much to this app. It can identify about 99% of landlines. This reveals that you can get all landline numbers you search for.

It can also identify about 50% of mobile phone numbers.

Who That

With about 450 million numbers on the database, this app can locate pretty much anyone you are looking for.

You have to pay before you use it but if you search and nothing shows up, you won’t pay a dime.

That is not all, you can also search for are codes on this app.

Bottom-line is, you should have a phone look-up app if you work in a call centre. The information on their database would be of many help to you.

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