Avast vs AVG 2019 Review | Full Antivirus Comparison


Are looking for reliable and effective antivirus software that is able to protect your PC from unwanted malicious programs? This article will provide you with an evaluation of ones of the most popular and widely used antivirus software in the market Avg vs Avast - Antivirusdon.com. Avast is an Antivirus software developed by Avast Company, which gives your system security from Internet applications. It is available for Windows, Android, iOS and Mac operating system. It comes in both free trial version and proprietary version as well depending on the feature you are in need of. In 2017, it was one of the most popular antiviruses.

Features of Avast and its products

This software provides the best endpoint security to its users. If used for business it helps in protecting your servers, systems and data. It has browser based console due to which you have full power over the software. It is cloud-based thus no need to purchase an additional system to install this software.

This software is available in 45 languages. Some of the features of this software are:

  • It is favourable for Home Network Security
  • Intelligent antivirus
  • Smart Scan
  • Passwords
  • Firewall
  • Anti-Spam
  • Sandbox
  • Data Shredding and many more.

Benefits of Avast Software

Some of the benefits of using Avast Antivirus software are:

  • It is easy to operate even if you are a layman or novice.
  • Setting up the antivirus is quick and is done in easy steps thus doesn’t require high tech knowledge.
  • Accessing multiple devices after its setup is done is child's play.
  • It provides total control over the various desktops and systems and endpoint devices and thus giving you control over the action and behaviour of the software.
  • On the Console display, you can see the status of your connected systems and network instantly.
  • Automated alerts will make sure that if there is any change in the status of your system or network, you will be immediately told.
  • Support is available from the experts all the time, you can contact them using the in-product facility to chat.
  • If using for business it updates itself automatically without you having to prompt it.
  • You don’t have to buy extra hardware setup for installing this software as this is cloud-based software, thus benefiting you and saving some bucks for you.

The most recent update was in March 2019, some of the improvements in features include protection on multiple platforms like Mac, Servers and PC’s, firewall feature is improved to add remote endpoints as well. You will now get total protection for your server and data virtualization. Email can also be secured using the latest version as to add more layers of protection to your data. Even though the software is known as fast and is light they do not compromise any of your security.

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